ORIX provides end to end services towards the management of the fleet under lease. The FMS includes:

  • Comprehensive Repairs and Maintenance - ORIX will manage your entire servicing and repairs for your car for the lease period.
  • Better Purchase Price – ORIX will use its purchasing power and negotiate the best deal for you.
  • Fleet procurement, registration and delivery – All aspects from placing the order to delivery will be managed by ORIX.
  • Insurance and claims management – Insurance renewals including claims management is fully taken care by ORIX
  • Fleet Sale Assist – ORIX can help in disposal of your fleet through its wide spread customer and dealer network.
  • Other Value added Services :
    • Pick and drop Facility
    • Replacement cars
    • 24 hour break down service
    • Towing Assistance


Companies can outsource their Fleet Management for their fleet of passenger cars to ORIX. These services
can be provided based on :

  • Management Only Basis – We charge a monthly fee for the management and all expenses of repair will be borne by the company
  • Comprehensive Plan – We provide a comprehensive plan post inspecting all assets. All expenses under this scheme will be borne by us and the company would pay only the contract amount.
  • Walk In – Customers can walk in to the ORIX Service Centres at Mumbai and Gurgaon for service / repairs of their fleet