Operating Lease allows clients to acquire vehicles on relatively a short-term basis instead of a commitment
for its useful life. Customer can subscribe to the following operating lease schemes:

  • Long Term Lease – Clients can choose from lease periods of 2 to 5 years to cater to their operational requirements.
  • Short Term Lease – These are lease periods ranging from 3 months to 2 years. A short lease becomes a good option to tide over your short term needs of a vehicle and you can avoid investments in a brand new car.
  • Sale and Lease Back – Cars can be converted into cash without any disruption to your fleet. We buy back your company current fleet and lease it back to you. In addition, we also handle the maintenance and fleet management aspects of the fleet. Outsourcing these activities assist you in reducing your operational costs.
  • Dry and Wet Lease – ORIX gives you an option to include the fleet management services (wet lease) into the contract or only opt for the lease (dry lease) and keep the management to yourself.


Customers can structure the lease with a very low residual value and enjoy the benefit of purchase at the agreed
price. All other aspects of Maintenance and Fleet Management can also be included in this product.