At ORIX we do not believe in following the "one size fits all" approach, which has kept us buoyant to consistently offer innovative products through our leasing services and adding value to our customers.

  • Automatic Transfers – We offer a unique facility to transfer your company car lease to your individual capacity in case of separation from your employer. This facility enables you to save cash by not opting for the foreclosure option and give you the flexibility to continue the lease in your individual name for the balance period.
  • Lease Extensions – You have a choice to extend your lease post the termination of the initial contract.
  • Tri-partite Contracts - A tri-partite agreement is an arrangement which binds the employee into the lease contract along with the employer.
  • Employee Car Registration – We provide the flexibility of registering the car in the company’s name or user’s name. Registering the car in the name of the employee would enable the employee to manage all RTO related offences.
  • Theft and Total loss coverage -In the event of any theft or total loss the lease gets terminated and no foreclosure value, rentals or penalty need to be paid. The user can opt for a new car on intimation of this event and completing the formalities required in such an event.