About ORIX Group

ORIX Group is a diversified multinational financial group active around the world in leasing, financing, private equity investment, asset management, renewable energy investment and operations and more. We have expanded from our original leasing business in Japan to become an enterprise active in operations and investing in a diverse array of areas around the world, delivering a wide variety of products and services to corporate and individual customers, communities, and in infrastructure.

  • Our Businesses
    ORIX has a business portfolio spanning 10 segments that enables our company to grow sustainably as the world around us changes. Each segment and business unit makes the most of its unique strengths as well as creating synergies through inter-segmental collaboration in the development of products and services.
  • Our Global Footprint
    ORIX has a global network of offices and group companies across diverse industries and spanning the major regions of the world
  • Our Leadership
    Message from ORIX Group CEO and profiles of board members and executives
  • History
    ORIX, since its founding in Japan in 1964, has grown to become a major global enterprise. Read about its unique growth story

Investor Relations

Information about ORIX India for investors and analysts including our latest Financial Results, IR Calendar and our Integrated Report


Find out how ORIX India is actively addressing ESG-related themes and read our Sustainability Report


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