l ORIX India - Equipment Loan
Mortgage Reference Rate (MRR)
17.25% (applicable wef 1st\February\2024)
Document Charges
Rs. 2000/-
Processing Fees
Upto 2.00% of loan sanctioned amount inclusive of application fee
Prepayment Charges and conditions (Part / Full Prepayment)
5.00% on principal outstanding
Cheque / NACH Dishonour/ Bounce Charges
Rs. 500/-
Delay in submission of documents or non-perfection of security
As per Actual
Insurance Premium Recovery
As per Actual
Asset Re-possession Charges
As per Actual
Re-pricing Charges
Rs. 5000/-
Penal Charges
24.00% per annum of Outstanding EMI post due date
Charges for Statement of Account / Repayment Schedule
Rs. 500/-
Interest Certificate
Rate Revision Charges / Switch Fees
0.5% of POS
Re-schedulement Charges (CHANGE IN EMI / TENURE / CYCLE DATE)
2.00% Additional on the ROI
Duplicate copy of Agreement / NOCs
Rs. 1000/-
Additional valuation charges / Legal Opinion Charges
Registration Charges for Borrowers ECS Mandate (loan repayment)
Stamping Charges for Agreement, MODT \ Registered Mortgage\ Hypothecation \ ROC Charge Creation
As per Actual, subject to state laws-where fixed charges irrespective of loan amount: provided by ORIX India-where ad-valorem charges as a function of loan amount: to be procured by borrower directly.
Stamping charges of other legal documents like Indemnity Bond, Legal Undertakings, Legal Affidavits, Personal Guarantee Bond etc.
As per Actual, subject to state laws-to be procured by borrower directly.
Legal Recovery Charges
As per actual
Letter of Credit Charges
2%-3% PA on Loan Amount
*All applicable fees & charges are subject to levy of GST, if payable, is to be paid in addition to the fees/charges.